Some Photos of Rick and Horses:

Buddy and Rick in the Veteran's Day Parade, Fairfield, California - Nov 2009

Rick and Tanner work on learning to ground tie, before he was mine, explains the feet

Rick and Buddy at two, Buddy learning to accept me on his back

Buddy and his half sister doing feet work

Rick, Buddy, Diago at a 2008 Parade

Trial ride at Lynch Canyon meeting at the watering hole

Rick and Dancer with Buddy in background

Rick and Buddy after Parade

Hurcules not wanting his picture taken

Buddy giving me a sloppy kiss.

Above: Old TV Cowboys signed a picture for me.

From left to right:Alex Cord; Kenny Farmer; Chuck Carter; Robert Fuller; Peter Brown

Rick starting a young stallion (still a littly bucky) while chasing Buddy when he was a youngster

Rick and Tanner move cattle at "Four Aces"

Buddy and Tanner at Bodega Bay, CA

Getting some sacking out done while the horses rest for lunch

Speck (Tanner's Friend) gets a little grain

Rick and Buddy doing training videos.

Tanner and Buddy enjoying some good Rye

Buddy teaching Rick to ride with one-rein

Rick and Kel at Vallejo Police Department, CA, 1994

Rick in his younger days reenlisting in the USAF with his friend and best commander, Colonel Ralph E. Fisher and his best police dog "Herc".

Buddy resting after ride Me getting some shade

Buddy doing his High O Silver impersonation

Me riding a young stallion with halter with Buddy and his sister as babies. Buddy is behind horse to my right

Buddy and Me taking a nap

Buddy and Me taking a nap

Buddy, Mr. T and Me at the beach

Buddy giving his friend a ride

Me riding a horse first time with NO BIT, he did great. Of course his owner said he could not do it.

Me saying thanks to this horse for doing great for his first ride with NO bit and just a halter.

Riding Buddy with ONE rein and standing on him. Horse behind Buddy is horse I had just rode with No bit and now his owner was riding with No bit.

Riding Buddy while ponying Mr. T with another wild horse running loose.

Me and Mr. T walking back from a ride.

Buddy playing with his friend Roperdog

Buddy and Mr. T in their first Texas Snow

Me and Mr. T before a ride

Me riding Buddy on the beach with Mr. T

Buddy relaxing with his kittie friend

A nice viewer made this collection of pictures for me.

The Horse is the best teacher of the Horse. -- Riding is the art of keeping the horse between you and the gound. -- The hardest thing about learning to ride is the ground

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