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I am NOT nor do I want to be a public figure - this site and my Youtube videos are private and you are only allowed to view under these conditions. Please respect my privacy and do not ask me questions or try and start drama, fights or arguments. The information is here to help those that want to use it for their Own Personal Use.

RELEASE and WAIVER: If you use, access, comment on this website,, (hereafter referred to as SITE), you agree to release everyone involved with this site from all claims of and liability for, damage, death, injury or loss related in any way to this SITE, information on the SITE and communication with the SITE. You agree to indemnify this SITE, and all those associated with this SITE, fully from all claims of, and liability for, damage, death, injury or loss to yourself and others with whom you share SITE information. You agree to assume all the risk of your own horse activities. You understand that horse riding, training and handling and just being around horses is a high-risk sport, activity and endeavor, and you are participating and/or allowing trainer instructional participation at your own risk and/or your trainer's own risk.

You, HEREBY RELEASE the SITE, Rick Gore, his family and heirs, from all claims, demands, actions or cause of action of any kind or nature whatsoever, whether now known or ascertained, or which may hereafter develop or accrue in favor of yourself, representatives or dependents, on account of or by reason of any injury, loss, or damage, which may be suffered by you or them, or to any horse or property, animate or inanimate, belonging to you or used by you, because of any matter, thing or condition, negligence or default whatsoever and you hereby assume and accept full risk of any and all danger or any hurt, injury or damage which may occur through or by any reason or any matter, thing, or condition, by any person whatsoever.

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If you violate any of these terms and or make false, derogatory, slanderous or libel statements about me, my photos or Youtube videos, then you agree to allow me to respond against those on this site and other public forums and to disclose your information about your comments. You also agree to settle any disputes, disagreements or misunderstandings by mediation, paid for by you, at no cost to me, before any lawsuit is filed or attempted.

In Layman's terms: Don't be stupid, don't try things that can get you hurt, don't use this site or information on this site as an excuse to do stupid stuff that gets you over your head, hurt or injured. Use common sense, be safe, get professional help if needed and/or professional supervision. A horse is 1000 plus pounds of raw bone, muscle and emotion, bad things happen fast and you can get killed or hurt. Don't listen to anyone that tells you do something that may get you hurt, including me, and if you do something -- you accept the consequences. Being a fool with a horse is a short trip to a hospital bed or the morgue. Use caution and good judgment. Remember the horse always pays for your mistakes, even if you get hurt, the horse will get blamed. If you contact me whining or crying about site content or ask for my advice, help or explanation, I have the right to use your emails, questions or comments.

If you do not agree with these terms and this releases "Your permission to use the site if revoked and I do not consent for you to use this site or my videos posted on Youtube. PLEASE LEAVE NOW

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