Meghan Macalister Harassing Barn Witch

This Page is in Response to Ms. Meghan Macalister who is harassing me on Youtube and harassing me on Facebook and then threatened me I better not put anything on my site about her. Well Ms. Macalister, you post public negative harassing comments on facebook about me, I will share my opinion about you. You should read my release on my web site better. The information provided here is my opinion.

This lovely woman kept coming to my facebook page and make derogatory comments about how smart she was and just wanted to create drama and cause problems - when I told she did not have to visit, she wanted to threaten me to sue me in court if I mentioned on my site. She obviously wants attention so I will give her some.

I have a couple of her pictures she publicly posted on facebook showing what I think is abuse and poor horsemanship behavior. You see them below.

Ms. Meghan Macalister wants to be mouthy, make negative comments, harass me and tell people I know nothing about horse on my public page and then wants to threaten me that I can't return the favor. She runs her own facebook page here if you care to visit:

She calls it Spotted Fever Appaloosas - (how cute)

Here is Ms. Macalister's facebook page if you agree with her and want to friend her.

If you agree with her feel free to contact her, her behavior is childish and from what I see, she talks a lot but don't say much, that impresses some. (239) 777-8156

Here is a picture from her public facebook pages she posted.

This is how Ms. Macalister keeps her horses locked up and then follows me to tell me I don't not know anything about horses. She thinks this is a happy horse - I disagree.

Notice the chain on the horses nose. I speak for the horse and tell people this shows a sure sign of poor horsemanship. You should not need a chain to handle a horse. Chains hurt horses and are abusive. I don't use chains and disagree with any use of chains and horses. I guess since I speak out for the horse, Ms. Macalister wants to hate and blame me for her lack of skills. Chains and horse - Brilliant Horsemanship

This is publicly posted by Ms. Macalister, look at the pretty ribbons, I guess that is suppose to show how good she is - then look at the archaic pain chain device over the horses sensitive nose. Just because you can win a ribbon does not mean you know how to communicate or treat horses kindly.

Look at the pretty pink saddle pad. Once again, Ms. Macalister knows I talk about most pink tack is cheap and only plays on women's emotion to buy pink - she knows I don't like chains on horses and I don't like shows since people abuse and treat horss bad just to win a ribbon, and instead of her just avoiding me, she seeks me out to harass and make derogatory comments about me, just because I try and speak for the horse - who has no voice when owned by know it alls.

Contact Ms. Macalister -

Some people never learn - now this woman is telling me play by play how her lawyer will contact me - here is a Tip: if you have a lawyer let them do the contacting - I will keep a running log of this so others can see what is going on.


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