Sarah L. Battles Harassing Barn Witch

This Page is in Response to Ms. Sarah L. Battles
who is stalking me on Youtube and harassing me with emails

Here is a picture from her public facebook page she posted.

Barn Witch Troll Sarah L. Battles

I get really tired of bully little 20 year old kids wanting to harass me and promote hate because I try and help horses. Ms. Battles has continuously emailed, companied about my videos, make complaints to Youtube and refused to leave me alone. After I blocked her from my channel for giving out poor and dangerous advice, she went on a little harassment mission. After she refused to leave me alone and stop emailing me, I then made a video mocking her dumb and dangerous advice and demonstrating how her advice was stupid, ignorant and would probably get someone hurt.

She still did not get the message and continues to email me and file complaints with Youtube harassing me and trying to get my videos removed.

This type of spoiled brat behavior is getting too typical with these little knowitalls girls that take a few lessons and suddenly want to bully their opinion and their advice. When someone tries to ignore them, they have a hissy fit and go on their barn witch evil mission. Never doing anything in the open or always behind the scenes, stirring up drama, creating problems. I have seen this at many barns, little bullies that get their feelings hurt and then do things like let horses out, unlock gates, feed horses bad hay, throwing peoples tack in the trash, throwing horse poop in horses water and many other vile things. People that do this are lowest of the low. They make others suffer when they can't get their way.

So let's be clear here, since I know people will come here and say I should ignore this. I ignore many like this. It takes a continuous harassment for me to waste my time making this page and showing these people, if you keep pushing the right person, you may not like the attention you get. Remember, I did not seek this woman out, I did not contact her or solicit any contact with her. Ms. Battles, came to my channel, hit play and watched my videos, make ignorant dangerous comments, I blocked her to stop her reckless behavior on my channel and that is when she felt this need to SHOW ME. She kept making comments, complained on my videos, email me several times, refused to stop, continued to come back when I posted two new videos, complained to Youtube, and continues to email me.

So she has cost me countless hours of dealing with her spoiled little brat behavior, so now she gets honorable mention on my biggest barn witch idiots page.

Why I am Wasting Time on this Person

I am a private person trying to help people better understand horses. I have a personal web site and a Youtube channel that I allow people to view to hopefully help a few horses have a better life. I cover topics and subjects that most people will not talk about. Many people know how vindictive and petty people can be if you tell them the truth so most people avoid the topics I cover. I make it clear you can view my information for free and use it or don't use it. I am not selling anything, not looking for new friends and do not care about pushing or forcing my information. I am not trying to convince people that my way is special. All I ask people to do is MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS and leave me alone and if you disagree and move on. I make this clear in many different places on my videos and web site, the information is available to help those who want it, if you do not want it, move on.

I have a clear Release on the front of my page and I have it listed on YouTube. I do not want to be harassed or contacted by people trying to prove how smart they are. I have over eight millions views and 20,000 subscribers, most of my viewers are here to learn, not to listen to people that think they are smarter and have to prove it.

I don't like doing this, but enough is enough, if you keep pushing me I am going to kick back. So she has had her say behind the scenes and she has caused me lots of grief, time and frustration, all while hiding and complaing that I could not give out her email or name. Well Ms. Battles, since I operate a litgetimate website I give my name and back up what I say and do, unlike you.

Anyone wanting to contact Ms. Battles and get her side of the story or if other barn witches want to share their misery with their like kind here is her contact information:

Contact Sarah L. Battles -

Ms. Battles changed her Facebook

Here is her Barn where she trains ?

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