Videos of Horses Being Abused, Neglected and Killed
All these Horses Suffer Because of What People Did

I am sure no one will enjoy watching these. I think it is important to see things like this to really understand what horses go through and how "what people do" affects them. As hard as it may be, I would encourage everyone to watch all of these so you can appreciate the time you have with horses and what special creatures they are.

I wish these were isolated incidents, sad to say I think they are much more common than people want to admit. The site where most videos were linked shut down, so I put a general link to a site that has most of these, but you may have to search the site. Some videos are linked to this site: " target="_blank">
  1. A car hits a horse on the Highway : These horses were doomed when they were secured inproperly and not protected. Notice the poor horse that got hit, he had no idea he was about to die also notice the other horse who was scared and jumped the center divider, he was also probably killed on the other side of the highway.
  2. Small herd of wild horses cross the road and the lead horse is killed : These horses were just trying to live and be horses. Now they lost their leader and all their fate is in jeopardy. Notice the race care did not even stop to help the down horse, too busy worrying about winning.
  3. Two horses run into each other and die : The rider of this horse is out of control, he is pulling on the bit hard, he is restricting the horse's head and so busy fighting with the horse that he runs his horse into the other horse. And of course both horses pay for what the people did.
  4. Rider Runs Horse into bull : This Macho ass runs his horse into the bull, the horse had no choice and paid with his life.
  5. Horse Panics and runs over car : This horse is running from cars and Mama and baby see car and go around the Stallion runs over car and probably dies later from the cuts and damage to legs.
  6. Young Girl Tries to Walk on Horses : She slips and falls behind horses and is very lucky they did not kick out.
  7. Horse Gets Hurt by Bull and then killed : Brave Macho Cowboy gets horse hurt so he can't run and protect himself and then abandons horses so a bull can kill the poor horse.
  8. Guy Hits Horse - Horse kicks Guy : This big tough guy hits horse with sticks and horse kicks him in the head, not mean, just in defense.
  9. Girl has bad Seat and falls off Horse : The horse was only doing what it was being made to do, the rider failed to stay on.
  10. Man Tries to Force Horse and gets kicked : These guys were trying to load fresh kill, dead meat on a horse, this scares horses, they think they are going to be killed and they know this will attract predators, normal horse instincts, but the guys would not listen.
  11. Another Horse Racing Injury : Jockeys push horses too close and one gets forced over the rail and flips, the horse had no choice and paid.
  12. Another Horse Racing Injury : Horse racing, running and pushing horse hard, whipping and putting horse in a panic run, they run into a flock of seagulls and the horses hit some and crash. Again these poor horses had no choice and were forced into their situations by man.
  13. Parades, Noise, Fear and Panic : These horses are running for their lives and are scared to death, notice how most people describe these events, crazy horses, horse went crazy, horses became aggressive. NO, horses were just being horses.
  14. Rodeo Macho Cowboy and the Horse Pays : This is called the Wild Horse round up, three guys attack a poor untrained and unbroke horse and their goal is to get a saddle on in, get a rider on it and have it take one lap for a prize. These two horses pay with their lives for good cowboy fun and the horse's pay with their lives.
  15. Horse is Pulled over by Rider : Notice the horse's mouth before it flips over, the idiot rider is pulling and hanging on to the reins and bit which causes the horse to do what it did.
  16. Another Race Horse Injury : Notice the first horse to fall is sliding and then just ran over by all the other horses and carriages. Too often this happens just so people can place a bet or win a prize and the horse pays.
  17. Horse Grabs Kid by Hair and Throws Her : Notice the girl hits the horse and then pushes the horse. The horse got tied of being mistreated and it just corrected the girl just like it would another horse that was being pesky. Not mean, but listen to how it is described, the horse attacks and gets revenge.
  18. Another Horse Racing Injury : Look at the poor horses, they are scared and fearful, running for their life, they did nothing wrong and were forced to be where they were.
  19. Rodeo Horse Abuse, Horse Falls on Rider : Notice this poor horse, bucking blindly in fear and pain, it was probably just shocked with a tazer (stun gun) to make it buck high, notice the back cinch on the horse's groin area, tight and squeezing the horse. Notice the horse appears to see nothing and has no idea what is going on or where he is. What a great kind sport, but you can win a belt buckle.
  20. Reporter Turns Back on Running Horse : This horse was being yanked and pulled on the bit, notice the mouth before it hits the guys, notice the head pulled in a "one rein stop" and yet the horse continues to run forward. That guy was not around horses much or he would not have turned his back to running horses being yanked and hurt by crap riders.
  21. Crazy Riders Racing Horses in Turns to fast : These poor horses are just being yanked, pulled and pain controlled and are running so fast from fear that they fall on the turns. And these riders are good they can ride bareback? Horrible horsemanship and abuse of poor horses.
  22. Young Cornered Horse Strikes Back : This poor little young horse is being tormented by three men and finally after being trapped, it strikes out with a great blow to the face of one of the men.
  23. Another Horse Racing Injury : This horse is called Rogue, right, they force a poor horse that is not broke with no foundation, whip it to run and then call it rogue when it gets scared and runs for it's life and for it's safety.
  24. Horse is forced to walk in front of a car : This horse was doing his job, pulling his cart and trusting his human driver, who walked into right into a speeding car. The horse did not even get a speedy death, you can see the horse trying to get up and wonder what happened. So sad to see horses pay for idiot people.
  25. Another Race Horse Injury : This poor little young horse was just running like it was make to do, it was so scared that it could not see the other horse and when they hit neither horses did anything wrong. Some would call this a freak accident, this was people being greedy and selfish and these horses had to pay.
  26. Rider Strong Arms Horse Causes him to flip over : Look at the idiot rider, he is pulling and pulling on the reins of this horse, the horse is begging for release, the horse is trying to move his head looking for release, the dumbass rider just keep pulling being tough and showing the horse who is boss and then pulls the horse over on top of him. And you can bet the horse was blamed for being crazy and not listening and like usual the horse did not nothing wrong.
  27. Chicken get kicked by Horse : This horse is not being mean, he is not trying to kill the chicken, he is eating and the chicken startled him and the horse's reflex action was a kick, it was not planned or thought about, it was just a response to being scared.
  28. Race Horse flips over on rider : Notice this horse is described as launching and flipping over on the poor rider. This horse knew what was coming, he knew his mouth was about to yanked and man-handled, so he reacted. Not mean or planned, maybe just tired of giving in.
  29. Stud Mounts Another Horse with Rider : This is very dangerous and both riders are very lucky. This stallion was breeding and could have easily hurt either rider. The girls think this was funny, this was caused by both of them not paying attention and not controlling their horses. The Stud rider should not have let the horse get that close and the other rider should have been more aware. Both were clueless and if they had gotten hurt, they would have both blamed the horses. The horses were where they were made to be, they had no choice and they were being horses.
  30. Horse tosses English Rider Hard : This horse was jumped into hard wood poles, probably hurt his legs and then the rider had a crap seat and was bouncing and throwing horse off balance, so the horse thought his rider was trying to pull him over so he pitched the rider off. Notice the title, Horse does not like rider, people trying to make normal horse behavior personal.
  31. Woman not paying attention gets run over : The ignorance of people never seem to surprise me. People have no idea what a horse might or might not do and then when they get hurt, they want to blame the "stupid" horse.
  32. Two Race Horses Pay : These two horses die for no reason. The running horse is scared and only doing what it was taught to do. Neither horse had any control of their fate, only people had that and the horse's paid with their life.
  33. Woman Runs in front of Running Horses : The hroses did nothing wrong. Notice the horses mouth and heads, see the pain and hard bits and hard hands that control these horses. NO horsemanship here, just brutal tough guys.
  34. Race Horse Flips over and Kills Jockey : Notice the guy on the ground holding this horse before it flips backwards onto the jockey. The horse is stiff, nervous and obviously not relaxed. The horse did nothing wrong, it was forced to be the, the jockey had a choice.
  35. Horse Racing Runs Over Stupid Spectator : The only thing about this is the horse got a little scared but no harm to the horse only the dumb human.
  36. Two Yee haws run their Horses into car : Two macho guys wanting to impress the crowd run their horses wildly and a car pulls out and both horses get hurt and are probably put down with broken legs. Notice the first part where the horses are walking, look at the heads and mouths, the horses are in pain and being controlled by hard bits and hard hands, NO horsemanship here only brut force and pain.
  37. Girl Yells at Another Racer and falls off her horse : This girl was too busy yelling at other jockeys and forgot to pay attention to what she was doing. Another case where the horse did nothing wrong and were forced to be where they were, the horses had no choices, but the people all had the choice to be there.
  38. Horse gets scared and nervous about carriage : These poor horses, a wedding, big floppy dresses, sheets hanging on their heads, horns honking, car racing by, blinker (blinder over horses eyes) and then the pole connecting the carriage comes loose. These horses are scared, nervous and trying to figure out what to do and what is going on. Notice the title to this is horses don't like weddings, No shit.
  39. Guy Teases Horse and gets Kicked in head : Notice the person talking about this and the title of this is Angry Horse, this horse is not angry, mean or bad, it was being pulled, led and controlled by the front person and then someone decides to hassle the horse and try and be a macho guy for the on looking people and the horse teaches him a great lesson. This horse was NOT being mean or bad, he was being a horse and that is all a horse knows how to be.
  40. Driver of horse Runs Red Light - Horse pays : This poor horse was doing his job, doing what it told, working and being a good horse and now it's back is broken and it will be killed because of what people did. The horse had no choices here, the people had all the choices and the horse pays.
  41. Horse gets spooked by dog, cars and People : This horse is not being mean or doing anything wrong or bad, it is scared, it is confused, it is looking for a way out and is only doing what horses do when scared, they seek open area to run. This horse is trapped and getting blamed for being a horse and he did NOTHING wrong.
  42. Lady Forces horse to Jump and they both almost die : A very lucky lady and lucky horse, both could have died in this accident, but do you think the rider knows this. The danger in jumping horses is really extremely high and is NOT worth the risk. But I see mothers put kids on horses all the time to teach them to jump without any clue how bad and dangerous this is. Not to mention that horses "rarely" jump in the wild, they are not make or designed to jump, they are built for speed. I can't have much pitty for people who get hurt in jumping accidents, the risk is too well know and people just want to ignore it.
  43. Jockey Falls off horse - foot gets stuck in stirrup : Look at this poor horse's face and ears, his is scared, confused and wondering what to do. He is even trying to run sideways to avoid the jockey that is being dragged (as we see it) the horse sees something on the ground chasing him and he can't figure out why or what to do, even in all this horse does not kick or try and defend himself from the chasing jockey (in the horse's mind).
  44. Horse Forced to Jump Flips Over : This rider looked way out of position to me and probably pulled the horse off balance, did not give the horse his head and maybe this horse had never even jumped this jump before and stalled after seeing no bottom has he cleared the top of the jump.
  45. Woman Throws Rocks at Poor Horse : This horse looks like it is dying from starvation, it has no muscle and looks almost dead, this cruel woman throws rocks and abuses this horse to the very end and will not let this poor horse die in peace.
  46. Man Beats Downed Horse in Street : This jerk beats a horse in the middle of the street while no one helps this poor horse. The horse looks weak and skinny and either slipped or too tired to get up and almost does not get up until another brave man helps with the beating. The meanness of people never seems to know an end.
  47. Man Kills Horse with Axe Handle : This guy kills this poor trapped scared horse and cuts his throat while other brave men stand around and laugh and find enjoyment out of this horrible event.
  48. Another Race Accident Where Horse's Pay : Notice the horse's faces, the fear, the confusion, they are only doing what they are made to do, they are scared and trapped and now very hurt and they will be raced the next day with lots of pain killers given to hide the limps and pain. Notice the announcer stating the Ambulance is on it's way, the people doing this had a choice, the horses were forced and had no choice.
  49. A Poor Donkey is strapped to boat : This poor little Donkey is just standing there being a good boy and has no idea what is about to happen. I can't image the fear and helplessness he feels when this boat takes off. How can people not see the harm and fear they cause.
  50. Jockey Dies When Horse Falls on his Head : Notice the track is wet and slippery, notice the rider pulling tight on reins, notice the horse tries to get his head, notice the guy pulls and restricts the horse's head, that is why the horse fell. Jumping a horse is dangerous in the perfect conditions, it is bad for the horse and dangerous for the rider. But you can win a nice ribbon or tack, so it's OK...

    I am sure seeing these is not a pleasant task. Over my years I have seen too many similar things first hand and watching this on a video is different than seeing it right in front of you. I hope people understand why I try and expose these things so more people can see horse abuse for what it is. Awareness is the key to change.