Cheyenne Brown (Blake) Harassing Barn Witch

This Page is in Response to Cheyenne Brown's Public Pages
That She Made to Harass Me

I get so tired of people wanting to harass me and promote hate because the bad things I describe end up being them, so they want to make it personal and act like spoiled little Barn Witches. Since they cannot run around and cause issue at a barn they want to hide behind fake or false names and post mean, false and derogatory stuff, since that is the only way they can feel good about their pathetic lives. Well, Ms. Cheyenne Brown got her panties in a knot and after I blocked her from my channel for giving out poor and dangerous advice, she went on a little harassment mission. Here is a picture from her public facebook page where she created two public hate pages about me.

Barn Witch Cheyenne Brown (Blake)

Why I am Wasting Time on this Person

I am a private person trying to help people better understand horses. I have a personal web site and a Youtube channel that I allow people to view to hopefully help a few horses have a better life. I cover topics and subjects that most people will not talk about. Many people know how vindictive and petty people can be if you tell them the truth so most people avoid the topics I cover. I make it clear you can view my information for free and use it or don't use it. I am not selling anything, not looking for new friends and do not care about pushing or forcing my information. I am not trying to convince people that my way is special. All I ask people to do is MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS and leave me alone and if you disagree and move on. I make this clear in many different places on my videos and web site, the information is available to help those who want it, if you do not want it, move on.

That is not good enough for some people. They, like Ms. Brown, have to make it their special little project and set out on a mission to harass, discredit and attack me personally. Even if they choose to come view my videos, they choose to read my site but they are so immature that they cannot just disagree and leave. So some go on these petty little hate missions to harass me, email me, get others to email me and make false post about me, all while hiding behind a fake names or false ID.

Well Ms. Brown is one of these ignorant people that think they are so smart so she made two facebook hate pages about me. Not one, but two, one page and one group, all while hiding her identity. She had a whole following of 17 people and was causing me to get 20 or 30 emails a day from these idiots promoting Ms. Brown's hate sites. This was not enough for this idiot Brown, she also goes by Equilove on and other sites and again she was posting lies and accusing me of stealing things from others, stating I was going to get someone hurt and making false and disparaging comments about me. Again, this provoked others to email me, spam me and waste my time, all from Ms. Brown's evil actions and behavior. Therefore, that is why I decided to make Ms. Brown her own special page.

People like Ms. Brown are the reason why people do not want to help or assist horse people. Therefore, when people ask me why I do not answer emails or questions anymore, I will refer them to this page. People like this who cannot be the center of attention and feel they have to cause drama in order to get attention. If you read Ms. Brownís questions, you can tell she hangs out on a teenage horse forum site where she can spread her misery, criticize others and cause drama. A viewer sent me a couple posts where she blames and bashes her boyfriend for not wanting to sweat and then blames the horse for having an attitude. You may need to have a login to see these; I had two people with accounts confirm that Ms. Brown posted these comments.

Posted by Equilove: I asked my boyfriend to take photos and videos today, but of course he hates horses and being outside (especially if there's a chance he might sweat) so he half-assed and I didn't get any decent footage. (*Note to Ms. Brown: Maybe he does not hate horses, he just hates being around you.)

Posted by Equilove;1126345] Savanna has an attitude. When I'm lunging her and I ask her to pick up a gait, she pins her ears back and swings her head. Never kicks at me, she always does it, but she throws a 'tude. (*Note to Ms. Brown: Maybe the horse does not have an attitude, maybe you think you are so smart and it is YOU with the attitude.)

Notice Ms. Brown holding this horse in the picture above. Notice her hand is under the chin of the horse. This is a sure sign of someone that is scared and does not understand a horse. I say this on my Barn Witch Page, people love to use fear to control new horse owners. Like Ms. Brown posting all her negative comments about me being dangerous and how I am going to get someone hurt. This is how she scares the unknowing into thinking she knows something. I say it many videos. Horses can be dangerous and if you do something you take the risk so do not take my advice or anyone's advice. Ms. Brown wants to ignore that since that does not fit into her hate and drama control of people more ignorant than her. I also say that people that want people to listen and want to give advice normally know the least. Ms. Brown hangs out on this little teen horse sites where she can impress new or young horse owners. Very immature and she gives out poor and ignorant advice which may get someone hurt, but since she hides behind her little cute name "Equilove" she must know what she is talking about since she has love in her name? Another red flag and clue I talk about all the time.

In the picture above you will notice Ms. Brown holding the rope in her left hand coiled up in a circle around her hand. This is a rookie move for new horse people and obviously, she has not handled a real horse that has taken off on her and had that coiled rope tighten up and trap her hand and drag her. When this happens, Ms. Brown will blame the horse for being stupid or mean, when in fact it will be her own fault for holding the rope like a dummy. Ms. Brown has put herself out as an expert and made public pages stating that I am giving bad advice, promoting her so-called expertise. Since she puts herself out there as a trainer that knows better, she should expect people to evaluate her. (that was her excuse for all her harassing post and all the negative things she posted about me - a touch of irony)

In the above picture, Ms. Brown is leading a poor horse. Look at the eyes of this horse; you should see fear and confusion. Notice the bit is so tight that it is pulling in hard on the sides of the horse's mouth creating pain and discomfort. Notice how she has the reins over the horn of the saddle creating pressure and pain for the horse when it moves it's head. This is confusing the horse so she is pulling it to go forward and the reins are pulling it to stop, so the horse is not learning and is just being confused and caused pain. Notice the stick, whip, fear device to create pain and fear in the horse, it is hidden under her arm, you will notice it in all her photos, but the horse knows what it is for. This is perfect example of what not to do and Ms. Brown wants to use her time making hate and harassing pages on me, when she should be working on her fear and her horsemanship. I feel sorry for this horse, but if you go to Teen Ville site you will see Ms. Brown, using her secret name of Equilove, to give ignorant advice and share her vast knowledge about how bad I am. This girl has issues and I would normally ignore her and don't like doing this. However, if you shake my tree enough, you may not like what falls out. I treat people like they treat me. I am fed up with people like this attacking and harassing me with no repercussions. All I am doing is trying to help those who want it, I have to deal with foolish people like this, and waste time teaching lessons to spoiled brats. Ms. Brown is showing who she is and this will come out again in her other things she does. Evil in and evil out.

This is what I call ignorant behavior. Ms. Brown is way too big for this poor horse, her knees are bent which shows she is putting weight on this poor little horse, probably causing pain and discomfort, but she is smiling like it is cute. Adults have no business sitting on miniature horses. Did this do permanent damage, probably not, but it just shows a lack of compassion and care for a horse. If you notice in all pictures of this "so-called expert trainer", she handles horses as if she lacks confidence and understanding. She has all the fancy ropes, buckles and poking sticks (like the kind carrot stick) but you can tell horses are not comfortable with her. Her riding is worse than ground handling but that would take too long to cover. Ms. Brown, in my opinion, has NO business giving horse advice or training horses. If I lived in Kentucky, I would seek help from professionals that can display more competence and less fear with horses. Of course, if you read Ms. Brown's post she will use cool horse terms like collection and extensions and will brag about her Gymkhana rides and Barrel Racing Days. I have stated this in many ways, when someone wants to tell you how much they know and if they use experience like Gymkhana, Rodeo, Show Jumping, Dressage or Barrel Racing, these events DO NOT have anything to do with horse understanding, horsemanship or being good with a horse. A horse will always tell you what a person knows. The fact that Ms. Brown is running around horseforum asking why her horse pins her ears at her and swishes her tail at her should be a huge clue that she has little to no understanding of a horse.

In the picture above, Ms. Brown demonstrates many of the negative things I talk about in many places. She is doing many things that I think are unsafe and dangerous, but she wants to run around and tell others that I do things that are dangerous. Look at the ears on the horse, pinned back, in pain or discomfort, confused, frustrated, not happy and showing discomfort. Look at the noseband (also called cavesson) around the horse's face preventing his mouth from moving and putting pressure on the jaw. Notice how overly tight the breast collar is, this puts pressure on the horse's shoulders on every step and movement. Now moving on to the foot. Really, riding in tennis shoes is so ignorant and dangerous. A heeled shoe prevents a foot from slipping into and through the stirrup, so riding in flat-soled shoes, especially with slick rubber soles, is so ignorant and just asking for wreck. Notice her lack of balance, toes pointed down, heels up, back slanted forward, all of this throws a horse off balance and makes it difficult for a horse to learn to enjoy his job and move freely. That is a big part on why the horse's ears are pinned and his tail is active and swishing. I find it ironic that Ms. Brown wants create her little harassing post about me being unsafe, and I am not a helmet fan, but if there is a case for inexperienced ignorant riders to wear a helmet, this is a perfect example.

In the above picture, another fine example of a know-it-all Barn Witch, who wants to give everyone advice and tell others what they do wrong, and they cannot even tie a rope halter properly. In the above picture, the rope halter is tied with the lose end facing forward, this is bad not because some rule or special trick, it is for the horse's protection and safety. That end flips and flops and can snap a horse in the eye, which can cause a horse to fear moving or create reactions that prevent the horse from learning. Now, when you tell someone like Ms. Brown the importance of this, she will become bitter, play the victim, want to bash you and run around the barn stirring up drama and creating problems. People like Ms. Brown are insecure and fearful, so to hide that, they gain power by creating drama and trying to get others to focus on you so they do not have to focus on themselves.

I used to think that the word coward was reserved for a guy that was a bully or only picked on people that would not or could not fight back. After dealing with so many bitter women in the horse world, I now know that women can be just as cowardly as bully men. The internet has created equal opportunity for men and women to hide behind fake or false names. By hiding, both sexes can be equally mean and find it easy to pick on people that cannot fight back or choose not to fight. If you feel so strongly about something to give an honest critique, you should not have to hide who you are. Those who hide and make anonymous slanderous statements with no fact or proof are cowards. I do not like doing pages like this for many reasons. It is not something that helps horses and it is a waste of time and energy. Nevertheless, at some point, people who hide and post hateful things about people need to be held accountable. I know those that do not like my bluntness and directness will say mean things. I do not identify people personally, I discuss questions and share things that I think are common misunderstandings and misinformation in the horse community. When I do videos on stupid questions, I get up to 10 or 15 emails from pissed off people that think I was talking about them. When I talk about things that I think are ignorant and not good for the horse, many people identify themselves as who I am talking about, so they get mad at the messenger. If you are a thief and I talk about other thieves, you will be offended since you know it applies to you. That is what many of the haters of me do. They see the negative things I say, recognize that what I am saying applies to them or know that they do the things I talk about, so they want to take it personal and run to these little hate blogs or teen sites, like, and that way they can get other like-minded idiots who agree with them.

The secure adult and confident women agree with what I say and they know it does not apply to them, so they do not take offense. Ninety percent of all the nice good comments I get are from women. The majority of women get it. However, there are those that just want to play the victim, they want to blame others for their failures, so they find it easy to blame me for being mean. When I talk about Barn Witches, people who laugh and agree with me know I am not talking to them and they know I am talking the truth, so they do not take offense. However, the Barn Witches identify themselves; see that what I am saying does apply to them, so they get mad at me for stating the truth and pointing them out.

Ms. Brown wanted to fight with me for some reason, only she knows for sure, and she irritated me enough to create this page and give her a taste of her own medicine. Some will agree with what I did and others will not. I tried to make this somewhat constructive and try to point out some common things I talk about that many people do wrong. I do not pick on anyone person and call anyone out like this, but since Ms. Brown invested so much effort and time on creating me grief, I felt I should return the favor. For those that disagree with this page, please go back and read the Release of Liability page that you agreed to, in order to use and access this site.

So the next time you see or hear a women getting ripped off by a trainer, or given poor or dangerous advice, or yelling and blaming their horse, or crying about how they can't get help from anyone, feel free to direct them to this page and it may shed some light or clear it up. I would rather keep this site focused on horses, but this topic and constant conflict continues to raise its ugly head by confused and frustrated women that somehow seem to gravitate towards horses. This page is my opinion and the information should not be used to promote hate or harass anyone. Take it or leave it, read the release of liability that you agree to if you access this site.

UPDATE 9-26-12: Well Ms. Brown has still not learned any lessons and set on creating more drama. She has made another harassing hate, using my pictures and spreading more lies about me. She is really being a pathetic pain in my rear. In this new harass site, she was playing the poor Victim, crying about this page and other foolishness. I thought I made it clear that Ms. Brown initiated contact with me, made two hate pages about me, made countless derogatory posts about me on horseforum and continues to post lies and defamatory statements on that site and others and she stated that she did all this because she did not like my videos. When people tried to challenge her on her little hate sites she blocked them and posted ďany positive comments about Rick Gore would be deleted and that person would be blocked.Ē So now she post that she is a poor helpless victim and I am harassing her. I am beginning to think she is not only crazy but also delusional. So much time and effort wasted on her hate.

Obviously, Ms. Brown is not reasonable and wants to keep harassing me and waste her time and my time with her foolishness. You never know who will start stalking you or following you when you get on the internet. Let that be a lesson kids, do not put any of your personal information on the net. Anyone that knows me, I say it about 1000 times, my information is for the horse, if you donít like it move on, I donít charge, I donít beg, I donít contact people and I donít care if anyone uses my information. I put it out as a resource to help horses. This is very clear in all my videos, my release of liability and my site. People like Ms. Brown that make it a personal mission to harass, defend, play the poor victim, blame others, blame the horse, blame their boyfriend and obviously cannot take a hint to move on, probably has other issues. Just another example when I say horses attract people with issues. She seems to find it offensive that I put other horsemen in my keywords, as if she needs to defend them. I don't compare myself or try and convince people that my way is the only way, I only say understanding a horse and thinking like a horse will help a horse get a better deal. I will be glad when she finds another cause to fill her little life and finally leaves me alone. I would love to get Ms. Brown in court, but she continues to hide behind anonymous web sites, creating drama and spreads her evil. She has my contact information and I encourage her to serve me with court papers so we can handle this in court. //end//

NEW UPDATE: LOL, this woman is obsessed. Her new little hate web site was taken down for being labeled a bully website by the web hosting. Therefore, it was taken down and within 24 hours, Ms. Brown changed the name and put back up her same lies and hate and now it was taken down again. It must be frustrating when people see your evil and stop it. No normal person would be doing all this just because she did not like my videos. This is somehow very personal and seems very important in her life.

Just think if this woman put this much effort into stopping horse abuse, stopping soring of horse's feet, helping fight some disease or helping a charity? Use your efforts to help Ms. Brown. Instead, Ms. Brown puts all her efforts and time into harassing and slandering me. Pretty pathetic and sad. This is typical and a prefect example of Barn Witch behavior. They cause problems, create division, create drama behind the scenes, making others uncomfortable and always trying to get others to hate who you hate. This is what BWís do in barns, they hide, sneak and do mean things until they bully and run others out of their little area of control or what they perceive as their barn. BW's give unwanted advice and share their opinion and when you do not listen they get mad and try to get others to hate you and isolate you. I think Ms. Brown has targeted me since she identifies with many of the bad things I describe with what she does. She does not have the ability to realize, I did not know her, I have never talked to her, contacted her or have never heard of her and could care less about her. I do not like behaviors that I think are not good for the horse. Since she is convinced that she is so smart and her way, not my way, is right, she wants to personalize what I do and try to make it about her.

By using my name, she thinks she may be able to get more attention and maybe others will feel sorry for her so she can play the victim. I really do not see how anyone could see this any other way. Remember Ms. Brown started this by posting negative comments, getting mad that I did not agree with her and that I blocked her. That's right, I blocked her so I did not have listen to her ignorant attacks and she starts making hate sites and now she cries poor her, I am mean.

I have a website and videos where I give my opinions and views on how I think horses think and behave and I try to make this information available for free to HELP HORSES. People can use it or ignore it. Ms. Brown watches me and instead of ignoring me, moving on or watching someone else, she makes four different hate web sites, spreading lies, meanness, evil and goes on a hate mission to attack me and call me names. She then claims she is the poor little victim and I am mean to her. That is like getting mad at water for being wet, does not make much sense to me.

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